I’m New To Photography

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Unretouched photo with Olympus SZ-10, Pinhole Effect.
Unretouched photo with my Olympus SZ-10, Pinhole Effect.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that’s what photography captures, the beauty in the eye of the camera’s lens.

There are many digital cameras on the market from point and shoot, entry level semi-pro and professional cameras. For those who have a new found interest in photography as myself, remember whatever equipment you choose the picture is only as good as what you see through the lens of the camera and the knowledge of the use of the camera. I’m no professional photographer, I just  like taking pictures.

I’ve found out there’s a lot to learn about cameras and how they work. The point and shoot which was design to make taking pictures a bit easier for the everyday person like myself who likes to take a few snapshots every now and then. Be warned point and shoot digital cameras not always so clear cut of getting a beautiful picture every time.

For those who are thinking about choosing a digital camera, it is best to do research and compare the camera features that will meet your specific needs of photography. Digital SLR’s can be very expensive running into the thousands of dollars and that don’t include the lens. Point and shoot digital cameras are more economical and they are capable of taking very nice pictures. Here are a few examples of pictures I took with a point and shoot digital camera and a professional digital camera.

Unretouched photo taken with Olympus E-510.
Unretouched photo taken with my Olympus E-510.

If you’re into film, that’s cool too. I’d just recently had a roll of film developed for 36 exposures and it cost me $12.96. I had taken some photos with an vintage Minolta XD11. It’s a bit expensive compared to digital but I like the look of film. I was suprised how well they came out since the camera is over 30 years old.  Film cameras have the capability of taking very nice photos because of the 35mm sensor or full frame.

When choosing a digital camera consider the camera’s sensor and not just the megapixels if you want high quality photos. When it comes to choosing a DSLR lens are very important also. You will need some really good lens to go along with the camera. With point and shoots digital cameras you don’t have to worry about the lens because of the optical zoom is built in and the lens are unchangeable. When it comes to photography everyone can learn the art of it. It comes down to picking the right camera for you, perfecting your techniques, finding your subjects and capturing it in photography.

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